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About Todd

Todd was eighteen when he first became owner/operator of a company. Long before the giants like Blockbuster and Rogers Video rolled into town, Todd saw the market for renting videos and jumped at the chance to become his own boss. A few years later, as a young adult, he worked for three of the largest financial companies in the world. His experiences led to the formation of his own start-up business in his garage, building a software and hardware company which eventually grew to over 50 employees, supplying to the big box stores. After this challenging experience, his interest turned to companies that were floundering and likely to fail, intrigued with the challenge of reviving them in order to avoid bankruptcy. Todd designed clever solutions to help re-brand and refresh companies saving them from financial ruin. With years of business ventures under his belt, Todd became president and COO, co-founding a technology company. Simultaneously, along-side all of these endeavors, Todd is, and always has been an avid trader. Early interest started at age 16 in both stock and commodities as well as Forex, when he skipped high school classes to wander down to the stock exchange and watch the action. Todd was involved with start-ups of both small cap and mid-cap companies and in countries worldwide advising presidents, congressman, and Fortune 500 billionaires, and his enthusiasm for trading has never stopped. Today Todd continues his passion for trading as well as dividing his time for lifelong hobbies and interests including the restoration of cars- both modern and collector, riding motorcycles with his wife Laurie, and boating to hidden gems along the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. Todd believes that in order to realize dreams, it requires disciplined daily personal work, a willingness to compromise, and the encouragement of loved ones in order to push through adversity, eventually leading to success.