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FAQ - turbulent money

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this too complicated for me? I am totally new to trading
  • No it’s not. Todd kicks off from the very basic and progresses step by step. You’ll not feel lost at all.


  • I am a Professional trader; do I need to read this?
  • Yes you must, the ideas here have been rebranded to fit the turbulent market of the 21t century and as a professional trader that you are, you know the importance of following the trend.


  • Is it just strategies that are discussed here?
  • Not at all. Todd covers literally everything about the financial market. From its inception to Robots which is the “future”.


  • I need to learn Time and Money management, why buy an entire Financial book just for that?
  • What better way to learn how to manage your trading finance than by a trading guru? Todd has felt all the thrills you feel and overcame them, he will discuss all the ways here in a personalized easy to follow way.


  • I live Far far away, how do I get  a copy?
  • We are all glad for the internet, when you purchase a copy, you will get it within minutes on whichever platform you choose. A hard back paper copy is also available but shipping costs apply.